Minature Auction Guide

dedicated whisky miniature auction

Miniature Whisky Auction Guide

Here at Whisky Online Auctions we offer dedicated miniature auctions. Our miniature auctions are fun and diverse with a terrific range on offer each sale. So, whether you're looking to sell and take advantage of the kind of care and dedication normally only reserved for full-size bottles, or you're after something to collect or drink; our miniature auction offers something for you.

Buying Miniatures

As a buyer, our dedicated miniature auctions offer a great range of rarities and the chance to buy both specific individual miniatures without the hassle of larger bundled job lots. Or carefully crafted job lots for those seeking a little variety or looking for a few unusual minis to drink. This also suits drinkers seeking to sample an exceptional dram but uncertain about whether to go for a full sized version.

Miniature Increments

Miniature Buyers Fee

15% of final selling price, delivery and insurance charges (if required) - Buyers are welcome to collect their items in which case there will be no delivery or insurance charges payable.

Payment Options For miniature Buyers

VAT is chargeable on commissions and fees where applicable, but not to the hammer price.

  • UK & EU debit or credit card - No surcharge.
  • Overseas debit or credit card - Carries a surcharge of 3%
  • Non UK bank transfer - all costs must be met by the buyer
  • Cash on collection - no surcharge

Late Payment Surcharge

Additional 3% of the full invoice amount will be charged for payments not received in full within 3 days after the auction close

Selling Whisky Miniatures

Our dedicated miniature auctions give you as a seller the best possible buying audience of miniature collectors. Often lost in larger mixed sales; miniatures benefit from being given more thorough attention in one of our specialist auctions. This allows greater attention to detail specific to the miniatures themselves and the buyers who seek them.

Miniature Selling Fees

We do not charge a listing fee for miniatures; instead, we charge a varied commission based on the final hammer price. There is no advantage for us but it does work out better for the seller. For example, if we were to charge you an administration fee based on 100 miniatures, the costs would add up to £300 - this is, of course, going to eat into the final payment. We have calculated previous miniature sales based on the table below and our standard charges for selling full-sized bottles and the results favour our varied commission scale. Therefore our sliding commission table below is most cost-effective for those selling miniatures.

If you are looking to sell your miniature whisky collection, contact Harrison on 01253 620 376.