Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about buying and selling in our whisky auction. If you have a question that's not answered here, please contact us by phone or email and we'll be happy to help.

Valuations & Selling

How can I find out what my whisky is worth? 
You can contact us several ways depending on your preferences. Email is the most popular form but you are more than welcome to call us direct and speak to one of our whisky specialist Wayne & Harrison. If you are out and about you can even send us a text or Whatsapp message.  

Email: auctions@whisky-online.com

Telephone: 01253 620376

Mobile: 07767 22 22 00

Do I need to send any images?
Generally, yes. With there being so many different bottle variations and bottle ages we sometimes require images so we can identify which one you have. Also condition and filling level is a very important factor when valuing.

What are the charges for selling?
Our commission is 5%. VAT is applicable but only on the commission not on the hammer price. For example, if the hammer price is £100. 5% + 20 VAT = 6%. £100 - 6% = £94. So in simple terms, you get £94 and we get £6.

What other fees do I need to pay you?
The only other fee you need to pay us is £3 + VAT = £3.60 per Lot. This covers administration and contributes towards our professional photographer.

I'm happy with my valuation and wish to proceed, what are the next steps?
As we carry out all administration, listing, photography and shipping to the winning bidder, all items must be with us here in Blackpool before any auction begins. We are very particular in our listings and carry out a unique in-house style mentioning all relevant details of your bottle.

Do you check if my bottle(s) are authentic?
Yes, our whisky specialists Wayne & Harrison check and authenticate all bottles that are consigned to our auction. Between them, they have handled tens of thousands of bottles which has given them key experience. They also keep a log and database which has been collated over many years. If there is any doubt we will not hesitate to decline a suspicious bottle. 

How do I get my bottle(s) to you?
Wayne & Harrison are often on the road every month so a free collection is a potential option but we have to make this service economical. This option is generally for larger collections.

We also offer a collection service via our courier which is one of our most popular methods. The cost for this is £12 + VAT for one parcel up to 10kg within the UK. A detailed explanation of how to get your whisky to us can be found here. Or you can call our office on 01253 620376 and speak to a member of our team.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to use your own courier or drop your bottles off at our offices in Blackpool:

Units 1-3 Concorde House,
Charnley Road,

Can I set a reserve on my bottle(s)?
Yes, however, this needs to be set before any auction goes live and is at the auctioneers' discretion. The cost for setting a reserve is £5 + VAT per Lot.

If you are happy with the valuations provided then there is no need to set reserves. We have a very large database of customers based around the world and have been dealing in whisky for over 25 years. Setting a reserve goes against our philosophy in achieving the best possible price and may affect the final hammer price negatively. We need our bidders to compete against each other and not a set reserve.

Can I follow my item(s) in the auction? 
Yes, we will create an account for you. Using your email address and password provided you can log in and view all your items under Items For Sale on the left-hand side of your account area.

What if my item(s) don't sell?
We sell on average over 98.00% of all Lots listed in our auctions. On the rare occasion one of your Lots do not sell we can re-list it or ship it back to you for a nominal fee to cover our costs. Or of course, you are more welcome to collect.

What happens if someone doesn't pay for the item I'm selling?
On a rare occasion, the winning bidder does not pay we will list your bottle in the next possible auction. Please note that no item leaves our premises until full payment has been collected. It is also worth mentioning that any non-payers will be blacklisted & banned from using our auction in the future.

When do I receive payment for my sold Lot(s)?
Payment is settled 7 - 14 working days after the auction closes. We pride ourselves on being the fastest paying auctions.

How do I get paid?
All payments are made by bank transfer. So, at some point, we will need your sort code & account number.

Bidding & Buying

What do I have to do to bid?
You will need to register an account on our auction. Anyone over the legal age in their country can register on our auction for free. If you wish to bid you will have to pay a one off payment of £3. This is part of our due diligence to ensure we have genuine bidders. 

You can register here or learn more about bidding on our auction here.

Do I have to pay a buyers commission?
Yes, our buyers' commission is 15% + VAT. This is added on to the hammer price at the end of the auction.

What is Futurepay / Worldpay?
It is a safe, simple and convenient payment provider that allows us to collect monies owed for your winning items three days after the auction ends without the need for you to do so.

Do I have to register for Futurepay / Worldpay?
Yes, we ask all bidders to sign this agreement to ensure fast and reliable payouts for our sellers. You do have the option to self checkout using your prefered method up to three days after the auction ends.

How secure is Futurepay / Worldpay?
It is extremely secure. There is no need to enter your Credit Card details or other sensitive information at the checkout. All transactions are protected with SSL encryption and secure servers on the Worldpay systems. Futurepay carries out fraud checks ensuring your safety.

How do I update my Futurepay / Worldpay agreement when it has expired or has been cancelled?
From your account area, you need to go to Settings, Update Card Details. Follow the link to the Futurepay / Worldpay website and log in. Your logging in details are your email address up until the @ and your password would have been sent by Futurepay / Worldpay via Email at the time of registration. 

I have forgotten my logging in details for Futurepay / Worldpay. How do I retrieve them?
From the Futurepay / Worldpay website, you need to follow the link Forgot Your Password and supply your agreement ID and Email address.

Where do I find my agreement ID?
You can find your agreement ID in the Email from Futurepay / Worldpay. If you no longer have that Email please contact us and we will assist.

If I am a successful UK bidder, do I have to pay VAT? 
Yes, but only on our services. i.e. our commission and not the hammer price. Any legitimate company running an auction should be VAT registered and therefore charging VAT.

What if I am outside the UK?
No VAT is payable if the goods are shipped outside the UK.

When is payment due for item(s) won?
Payment is due immediately after the closure of the auction, although we do allow up to three days. Faster payment means you are more likely to receive your goods quicker.

How can I pay for my item(s) won?
We provide several different payment methods which all have unique benefits.

Letting Worldpay automatically take the payment and paying with a Credit card carries a 3% surcharge which will be added to the final invoice amount.

Paying by BACS (Bank Transfer) is free within the UK but may carry a sender/receives fee if you are outside of the UK which is payable by you.

We recommend payment is made by Debit card as no surcharge is applied. Please note if you are using a Debit card from outside the UK this is classed as a Credit Card.

Shipping & Insurance

Will Whisky-Online Auctions wrap & pack my item(s) for me?
Yes, Whisky-Online shipping service is conducted in-house by ourselves. Having over 10 years of experience wrapping and packing old & rare whiskies, we understand to source high-grade and bespoke materials to ensure our customers' goods are received in the condition they left us. This service does come at a premium compared to what you may expect to pay at a whisky retail shop.

Can I use my own courier?
Yes, if you wish to use your own courier or a third party service, it is your responsibility to organise this. Your chosen courier must provide their own packaging materials and must wrap and pack your winning auction item(s). Whisky-Online will then cease any responsibility and no claim against loss/breakages etc can be made against us. Any such claim will have to be taken up with your chosen courier.

Can I collect my winning item(s)?
Yes, we highly recommend personal collection. All we ask is that you either call the office or drop us a quick email to let us know when to expect you so we can have your item(s) ready.

If I choose Whisky-Online to ship my item(s) do I have to insure them?
No, insurance is optional and can be un-ticked at the checkout. Regardless of whether insurance has been taken or not, all parcels are prepared with the same care and attention.

What if my parcel/goods are damaged? 
In the rare occasion, your parcel/goods are damaged, please retain all packaging, including any materials and outer cardboard boxes and contact us immediately. However, if you have not taken out insurance, we will not be able to compensate. If evidence suggests your parcel has been mishandled by the courier, we will act and lodge a claim with the courier but there is no guarantee. We have CCTV in place recording every parcel that we prepare for shipping. We use this as proof 

What if my bottle(s) is leaking?
This is a peril you have to consider before you commit to bid. Due to the various ages of bottles and their cork/seals, the condition of liquid is at the buyers' discretion and no claim can be lodged against failure/leakage in transit.