About Us

Whisky-Online Shop

The Whisky Online shop was where it all started. The rise of the internet made it clear that the future lay online for our business so it began life very much as it has continued - as a specialist stockist with an emphasis on the old and rare. We've always tried to keep a broad and regularly updated selection of the best new releases with a focus very much on the finest quality drinking whiskies. Over the years we've developed the selection of rare and aged bottlings in the range as well, our passion is very much driven by the older bottlings of liquid history and - for both drinking and collecting - represent the pinnacle of bottled whisky. You'll also find all kinds of obscure and high quality products in between from Scotland and beyond so whatever you're looking for or need, you'll always find something suitable within our range.

Whisky-Online Auctions

Whisky Online Auctions was being planned as far back as 2009. The success of the shop had been strong but there was clearly an opportunity with the increased possibilities of the internet to offer a flip side to the business. With the auctions we were able to offer our customers the ability to buy and sell whisky in an enjoyable way that offered more flexibility, more profit to the seller and better prices to the buyer, greater variety and more fun. Our expertise in old bottles and unparalleled network of contacts has enabled us to source and put together some of the most impressive whisky auctions of recent years. For those interested in being on the front line of buying, selling, collecting and drinking old and interesting bottles - this is really the place to be.

About Whisky-Online

Whisky Online began life in the dark old days of 1990 when Wayne and Debbie owned a small shop called Coronation Wines, it was not much bigger than squirrel's shoe box and as such it made sense to stock miniatures as you could fit more of them into the shop. This interest in miniatures inevitably led to trading in full size bottles (ahh Black Bowmore) and this in turn led to the current premises on Charnley Road in Blackpool and the establishment of Whisky Online. Whisky Online began as a retailer, specialising in a mix of current releases but also with a heavy emphasis on older and rarer bottlings. The idea for an auction was being touted around as early as 2010 but it was not until 2012 that it actually became a reality. Now the auction side of the business flourishes well and serves as an indicator of the new direction the industry is taking. If you are in Blackpool and are able to pop into the showroom for a visit you will see a vast muddle of bottles, shelves stacked with old and rare whiskies, miniatures, memorabilia and the busy, often hectic, toings and froings of a family run business.